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To empolemo Byzantino Byzantium at War

To empolemo Byzantino - Byzantium at War

Edited by Nicolas Oikonomides

(Athens: Institute for Byzantine Studies, 1997)

This volume contains 14 articles dealing with Byzantine military history. The articles come in three languages: English, French and Greek. We are republishing three articles from this volume:

Christides, Vassilios, Military Intelligence in Arabo-Byzantine Naval Warfare (PDF file)

Dennis, George T., The Byzantines in Battle (PDF file)

Haldon, John, The Organisation and Support of an Expeditionary Force: Manpower and Logistics in the Middle Byzantine Period

Other articles from this volume include:

Dargon, Gilbert, Apprivoiser la guerre: Byzantins et Arabes ennemis intimes

Kazhdan, Alexander, Terminology of Warfare in the History of Niketas Choniates: Contingents and Battles

Magdalino, Paul, The Byzantine Army and the Land: From Stratiotikon Ktema to Military Pronoia

Sullivan, Denis, Tenth Century Byzantine Offensive Siege Warfare: Instructional Prescriptions and Historical Practice

Zuckerman, Constantin, Les Hongrois au pays de Lebedia: Une nouvelle puissance aux confins de Byzance et de la Khazarie ca 836-889

We thank Professor Evangelos Chrysos of the Institute for Byzantine Studies at the National Hellenic Research Foundation for his permission to republish these articles.

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