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Mamluk Studies Review

Mamluk Studies Review

Mamluk Studies Review is a biannual refereed journal published by the Middle East Documentation Center devoted to the study of the Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt and Syria (648-922/1250-1517). It appears in January and July. The goals of Mamluk Studies Review are to take stock of scholarship devoted to the Mamluk era, nurture communication within the field, and to promote further research by encouraging the critical discussion of all aspects of this important medieval Islamic polity.


Humphreys, R. Stephen, Ayyubids, Mamluks, and the Latin East in the Thirteenth Century - from volume 2 (1998)

Fuess, Albrecht, Rotting Ships and Razed Harbors: The Naval Policy of the Mamluks - from volume 5 (2001)

Chevedden, Paul E., Black Camels and Blazing Bolts: The Bolt-Projecting Trebuchet in the Mamluk Army - from volume 8:1 (2004)

Book Reviews

Reuven Amitai-Preiss, Mongol and Mamluks: The Mamluk-Ilkhanid War, 1260-1281 - reviewed by John E. Woods

Shai Har-El, Struggle for Domination in the Middle East: The Ottoman-Mamluk War, 1485-1491 - reviewed by W.W. Clifford

Linda S. Northrup, From Slave to Sultan: The Career of al-Mansur Qalawun and the Consolidation of Mamluk Rule in Egypt and Syria (678-689 AH / 1279-1290 AD) - reviewed by Robert Irwin

Yaacov Lev (ed.), War and Society in the Eastern Mediterranean, 7th - 15th Centuries - reviewed by W.W. Clifford

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